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Facility Archives

PPES maintains and updates maps, site plans, utilities and construction record documents for the University. Record documents provide valuable detail information about University property and buildings. These documents are used by maintenance crafts, PPES and the Administration to plan, repair and renovate.
To request a record document, call the Physical Plant Engineering Services' office at (618) 453-6777.

Facility Planning and Programming

With staff architects and engineers, PPES provides planning, support and expertise for SIU facility planning. Facility planning includes long range master planning and support for funding requests. Specifics include estimating support and programming for proposed construction, renovation and maintenance. PPES also prepares documentation and records in conjunction with historic preservation initiatives.

GIR Process

Interior Design Services

PPES staff maintain a library of current furniture, paint, wall covering, etc., information to provide up-to-date design solutions and guidance. These services are generally provided by submitting a Request for Physical Plant Services form to the Facilities Operations Center. PPES can assist departments in selecting furniture and equipment. PPES can provide product sources, assistance and guidance for a department's purchase of interior items.

Major In-House Design and Construction Documents

When requested, PPES can provide full design specifications for in-house design. PPES architects and engineers design and specify the bidding documents. PPES can provide full architect/engineering services from programming through bidding, construction and occupancy.
To request this service, submit a Request for Physical Plant Services form to the Facilities Operations Center.

Verbal Estimates

Upon request, PPES may give verbal estimates when there is no certainty that funding is available or when the department is attempting to establish a scope for a potential project. These estimates are general in nature and are not to be considered accurate until connected to an approved project scope that has been developed and recorded. Project costs may vary as the department changes or revises the scope of the project.

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