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1. The University Engineer will function as the control officer for Physical Plant Engineering Services.
2. Priority for processing architectural, engineering, and interior design requests will be as listed unless an exception is made by the University Engineer:

  • health and life safety projects
  • projects dealing with instructional areas
  • projects involving research areas
  • projects requested by the administration
  • projects requested by Student Activities

3. Additional administrative approvals may include:

  • Dean or director for projects over $25,000.
  • Director of Plant and Service Operations for all projects requested on a GIR.
  • Executive Director of Administration approval for major renovations to facilities, for the purchase of additional property and/or structures, and for outside consulting services.

Operational Procedures & Service Guide

Under the direction of the University Engineer, PPES provides architecture and engineering services to the SIU campus community. A staff of architects, electrical, mechanical, civil engineers combined with planning, interior design and drafting allows PPES to handle planning, development and design for construction, renovation and maintenance projects.

When a need for construction or renovation occurs, a Request for Physical Plant Services form is required and should be submitted to the Facilities Operations Center.

Departments with a need to develop scopes of work for future construction, interior design and furniture or equipment are encouraged to contact PPES as a resource.