Short-term Office Service

Located at Plant and Service Operations Administrative Office. For services call Dawn Wilson at (618) 453-8170 or email


S.O.S. charges will be billed to departments on the contractual line through General Accounting. Any University account holder may utilize S.O.S. services.


The Short-term Office Service is designed to aid departments seeking clerical employees for short-term employment. Short-term employment is defined as four weeks of service or less, but can be used for up to 900 hours.
S.O.S. maintains a short-term staff that is available to user departments on an as-needed basis. The hourly rates for S.O.S. personnel vary depending on the skills required by the user department.


A monthly itemized department statement of charges is sent to the fiscal officer of each account that has utilized S.O.S. services during the previous month.
Phone Dawn Wilson at 453-8170 for further information and details regarding S.O.S.


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