A/C Start-ups

Thank you for your patience during this time of transitioning campus facilities from heating to air conditioning. The process will begin April 1, 2013, and should be completed within a week depending upon the number of problems encountered. Please hold all "too hot" calls till after your building has been added to this list. Once the a/c has been turned on to a facility, any areas that are still uncomfortable should be reported to the Facilities Operations Center at 453-3621 or foc@pso.siu.edu.
The following buildings have been converted to air conditioning:

Morris Library
Wham Building
Quigley Hall
Engineering A,B,D,E
Lingle Hall
Student Center
Lesar Law School
Rehn Hall
Lawson Hall
Anthnony Hall
Allyn Building
Lindegren Hall
Communications Building
Shryock Auditorium
Parkinson Laboratory
Student Center
Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center
Public Policy Institute
Transportation Education Center
Life Science III
Faner Hall
Davies Gym


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